Buroserv supplies a comprehensive range of data tail solutions over both copper and fibre, from 2 Mbps up to 1 Gbps. Utilising its own MPLS network, Buroserv is able to supply data tails to meet multi-site requirements as well as stand-alone services.  Provisioning is simple, all we need to know is an address and bandwidth requirement, we can then provide you with a range of options to meet your customer’s needs.

NBN can be confusing. Buroserv can quickly identify which type of NBN is available at your customers site, and order it for you. Supplied as an unmetered service, Buroserv’s NBN service is a market ready, simply priced solution allowing you to leverage the expanding geographic availability of NBN services. Buroserv NBN service offers all four types of NBN services.

Fiber to the Premises (FTTP)
is fibre to the premises & connects to your customer’s premises on a network termination device or NTD. It allows you to retain your current analogue phone service, and connect up to 4 different data services.
Fiber to the Premises
Fiber to the Basement
Fiber to The Basement (FTTB)
is where fibre is installed to a building or apartment complex. It terminates at a node that converts the optical signal into one suitable for the existing copper cable in order to ‘extend’ the broadband service to all apartments or offices.
Fiber to The Node (FTTN)
is like FTTB except the node is installed on the street outside the premises so it can service multiple premises. The ideal location would be next to an existing telecommunications pillar.
Fiber to The Node
Fixed wireless
NBN Fixed wireless
is where NBN install radio base stations like the ones used for mobile phones and then install an antenna and a fixed modem (NTD) in the premises. This NTD is only for broadband service, the telephony stays on the existing copper wires for now.